Trans-Personal Spiritual Healing

I am often asked “What is a TRANS-PERSONAL SPIRITUAL HEALING SESSION?” Here is what I would like you to know: When my friends come to me I listen…. deeply… I listen and notice how the vibration of their words, beliefs, perspectives and experiences are embedded in their energy field.

dolphins on the home pageI see how their Chakras are affected, and how these thought patterns (past life and current) are creating their life experiences. At this point my clients are usually very ready to make a shift, ready to allow these patterns to be released from their mind and energy field.

We talk… I cannot really explain it, but something about my words, eyes and gestures prepare people for the shift they are so ready to manifest.

A shift in PERSPECTIVE is created… When we change the way we look at things, things change… We do 12 chakra clearing… head to toe… my arms and hands channel ancient Atlantean energy to facilitate the healing… SPIRALS, INFINITY SYMBOLS, and WAVES OF OCEAN CURRENTS… old beliefs melt away, lifelong trauma released… and using my AFFIRMATIONS, COLOR and LIGHT from the ONE and new set of patterns are created and imprinted into the Aura and Chakras.

There is a transfer of energy from me to you facilitated by the GOD SOURCE that allows this transformation to successfully integrate. Hearts heal, forgiveness brings freedom and new foundations are built.

It is an honor to hold space for all of you… as you are able to raise up, so am I. And the vibration of the planet cannot help but raise a little higher as well. ♥

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